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Tec7 Fire Foam Gun


The Tec7 Pur Pro Gun

Foam guns exist in many qualities. TEC7 chooses only the best quality. So you are sure that your gun is always ready for use, without leaks or blockages. Because a small problem with your gun can take you a lot of time to solve.

  • The Tec7 Pur Pro Gun can be used with most Gun Grade PU Foams on the market.
  • With the Tec7 Pur Pro Gun you can dose the PU foam in a controlled manner. As a result, joints can be carefully filled and doors and windows mounted in a fast, easy and safe manner
  • A long spout, which can be extended even further, offers you the possibility of working even in many places that are hard to reach.
  • Tec7 Pur Pro Gun can be cleaned quickly and easily using Tec7 PUR Cleaner


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