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Felo Water pump pliers 89530040


Felo 89530040

Water Pump Pliers 

Now in stock at Waveform Electrical Wholesale.

Product Features:

  • Fine jaws for a secure grip
  • Induction cutting edge, 60/64 HRC
  • Precise bonding for an optimal lever
  • Optimal long-term protection against corrosion from the matte chromium surface
  • Cutting performance with the highest precision
  • Stopper fins for firm grip
  • Refined ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Superior hardness which exceeds DIN and ISO requirements by up to 100%
  • Quality of workmanship and materials guaranteed
  • Red / yellow test pattern individually up to 1000V, VDE IEC 60900
  • Safety was checked by GS.
  • Every product has an EAN code.

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