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ClickSmart 13 Amp 2 Gang RF Smart Socket Mode


ClickSmart CMA30036

Smart Socket 

Now available from Waveform Electrical the ClickSmart CMA30036 ClickSmart 13 Amp 2 Gang RF Smart Socket Mode.

Product Features:

  • Click Mode White Round Corner Edges
  • 13A 2 Gang Zigbee Smart Switched Socket Outlet
  • Single Pole
  • White Plastic
  • Suitable for 25mm back box
  • Ergonomic Electrical Accessories
  • Anti Microbial Certified Product
  • Protocol Zigbee
  • 3 pin safety shutter. The shutter will only open once all three plug pins are inserted.
  • Zigbee signal mesh
  • Enables manual control (unless locked), wireless control and automated control Voice control via ClickSmart+ Hub using Alexa and/or Google Home
  • Manufacturers Guarantee: 3 years

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