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Fumagalli Outdoor Lighting

Introduction of Fumagalli Outdoor Lighting

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Fumagalli is a globally leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting made up of shockproof resin material. The substances and manufacturing strategies used to provide protection unfastened, anti-rust and anti-corrosive finish. Fumagalli Outdoor Lighting Ireland does not fade due to its UV ray-treated colors. It is double-insulated. 

Outdoor lighting is rigid and shockproof. It is light in weight and easy to transport. It is manufactured according to European Communities standards.

All The Innovative Designs Offered by Fumagalli

Structure of Metallic Pole 

The structural metallic pole in Fumagalli designs is hot and deep galvanized from outside and inside via way of means of zinc bath immersion. 


High-Density inflexible polyurethane offers lightweight and sturdy cohesion between the internal metallic post and the outer resin cover. 

Outer Resin 

The outer coating of a single piece of outdoor lighting in Dublin without joints is manufactured from a shockproof resin material that is rust and corrosion-free and has paste-molded colors. It is UV-stabilized and self-extinguishing on fire.

Range of Products: How to Choose or Purchase a Fumagalli Lamp

The Fumatech technology includes a structural metallic pole, lightweight but inflexible polyurethane foam, and an outer resin coating in the lighting. The standardized 60mm connection hub additionally makes the complete Fumagalli variety of poles well-suited with the Lantern lights and brackets, making an allowance for a huge variety of product combinations. Available in each Classic and Modern style, Fumagalli is an ideal, protection-unfastened alternative for personal gardens, parks, hotel & amusement facilities, and public regions of all descriptions.

We provide Fumagalli wall lights, hanging lights, lamp posts, sensors, lantern lights, pedestal lights & Fumagalli accessories

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