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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Socket for Home / Workplace

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Socket for Home / Workplace

GLB Electric Vehicle Wall Mounted Charger


With everyone wanting to contribute to a greener environment along with the growing amount of Electric Vehicles in Ireland ... we are sure the New Superior GLB EV Wall Mounted Charger will be a big hit! 



WEW are delighted to introduce the new & exciting GLB Electric Vehicle Wall Mounted Charger. Check out some of the amazing features below....


Features of the GLB EV Charger 

  • Fully Charge a Hybrid EV in 3 Hours & a Full EV in 6 Hours
  • Unique Load Balancing Function 
  • Power Outlet (Kw) 3.7KW- 22KW
  • Motorised Interlock
  • Low Tariff Charging Inputs
  • Ideal for your home or workplace



Other Options On Your EV Charger

  • WIFI allows you to monitor your charger from your computer/smart phone.  Set up multiple parameters for charging, billing etc. Software updates are automatically distributed.
  • RFID access control makes the EV charger more secure. Any user must have an RFID tag to activate the charger. This feature can be incorporated with the billing system.

  • Cloud Based Billing Solutions with the option to install up to 32 x chargers under the control of one master charger.



 Get in touch with our Sale Team at the number or email address above or click on Our Logo below....


We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding the GLB EV Wall Mounted Charger!! 




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