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The Benefits of Electric Radiators For Your Home

The Benefits of Electric Radiators For Your Home

Electric Radiators - Friend or Foe?



Electric radiators ireland


Electric rads get a hard time. They are generally seen as a nuisance and that they are expensive to run & tricky to operate. All could not be further from the truth.

Here we would like to dispel some of the myths surrounding Electric Radiators and give you a new outlook on these misjudged beasts!


Cheaper To Run Long Term

Looking at the long term, electric radiators work out better value than gas or oil heating. the initial cost may be high, but over time the cost of running electric rads is actually more favorable than both oil & gas. We pay quite a bit more than most of our European neighbors for both gas & electricity, so it is vital we get the most bang for our buck over the long term


More Energy Efficient

Electric rads are extremely energy efficient. There is little or no wasted heat or energy as with oil & gas. Unlike a boiler heating system where untold amounts of heat can be lost through the flue, electric rads will never suffer from this issue. Also with electric rads, home owners have the ability to control each rad individually, a different heat setting for each room, without the need for fiddling with those pesky rad valves.


Safer In Your Home | Non Poisonous

Again unlike gas, there is no fumes being emitted in and around your home using electric rads. Safer for you and your family and no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.


No More Burst or Frozen Pipes

For this fact alone, Electric Rads are the future! Say goodbye to frozen & burst pipes in Winter. Electric rads will keep you warm all Winter and all year round with little or no maintenance costs.

So, are you convinced? 


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electric radiators ireland


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