The Benefits of LED Lighting

Make The Switch To LED

By now we have all heard the phrase ‘make the switch to LED,’ but what does it actually mean and what are the benefits for you and your family if you do decide to make the switch?

The phasing out of incandescent bulbs (e.g. your standard 40watt, 60watt, 100watt bulb) used in houses up and down the country, is well under way.

The Sustainable Authority of Ireland report that “Under EU Regulation (EC) No 244/2009 with regard to ecodesign requirements for non-directional household lamps (light-bulbs), inefficient incandescent light-bulbs will be phased out throughout Europe with effect from the 1st September 2009 and will be replaced by more energy efficient alternatives, such as LED bulbs.

led lamplife.”

What Can I Save by Switching to LED?

By replacing 3 x 100watt incandescent bulbs in your home, usually found in your porch, hall and landing, you can save approximately €50 a year from your electricity bills.

You will also have less headaches of trying to stand on chairs and balance on ladders as the new LED lamps will last for up to 50,000 hours against only 1000 hours of the standard 100watt bulb.

Check how much you can save with this handy ‘Light Bulb Calculator’ from Electric Ireland –


FREE LED Lamps For You!

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The Waveform Team.

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